Melissa M

Bio: Hello world!! I’m Melissa, 30 years old and married to the most amazing man for 10 years. We have one child (don’t know it I want anymore) who is 7 but acts like a 15 year old. I have had the privilege to be a stay at home wife and mom for 10 years. My husband was active duty in the Army for 10 years and was medically retired two years ago. His injuries during his deployment in 2010 took a toll on him and us as a family. But we are grateful every day that he is here with us. Last year I decided to get back into school so I decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science with hopes of a career helping our veterans suffering from mental health related issues. My goal is to graduate and seek a career where I can help our veterans suffering with mental health and drug addiction issues. Personally I would have never opened up a blog site. I guess, in my mind, only creative people blog (and I am not creative). My life is very boring. Being that this course (introduction to film) is required to have a blog site maybe I will get the hang of it. I hope after this course is over my peers will continue to blog as well. I wish everyone luck and thank you for taking the time to read about me

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